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i wish i could say to you... it's gonna be alright

Having a bad dad is like being born with a missing limb. It doesn’t have to handicap you, but it will always define you. It makes you keep reaching for that phantom, even when you know there's nothing there. So if you ever need a reminder of the power of a man in a girl's life, if you question whether or not fathers matter, take a good look at the girl with the gun to her head. Because she's everywhere. - full article

I feel like this is true of women who are lacking a male role model in their life, just in general, not even just a bad father. I have no idea if my dad would have been a bad dad or not, but he wasn't in my life, and any male that came after him I never trusted. I don't know, I was very drawn to this quote, it's sort of how I've felt my entire life. It defined me, it still does, the missing male in my life has a lot to do with my issues with men in general. As aware of that as I am, I've never worked to change it, because at least I'm not falling off the deep end.

This was from an article about Lindsay Lohan, by the way.
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